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Privacy Notice – TARA – Self Referral

In 2004 Community Safety Glasgow established TARA, our support service for trafficking survivors, to help identify and support women who may have been trafficked for the purpose of commercial sexual exploitation.

CSG believes that trafficking is fuelled by the demand from the commercial sex industry and that commercial sexual exploitation is a form of violence against women that is harmful to women, families and communities.

The service works in partnership to provide comprehensive, individual assessments of need, including risk. Support can include:

  • crisis accommodation, dependent on individual need, for up to 45 days
  • care planning
  • onward referral and support to access legal advice
  • referral into the UK National Referral Mechanism
  • advocacy with partner agencies
  • support to speak to Police Scotland

Support (other than accommodation) is continued on an outreach, needs-led basis for up to 12 to 18 months. A psychology service is also provided in partnership with the NHS.

Women may be eligible for the service if they are aged over 18 years, have been commercially sexually exploited in the UK (or if there is evidence of intent to exploit), have been brought into the UK or have been moved around the UK.

The Scottish Government funds the service. It’s available for women recovered from across Scotland and is able to respond to urgent referrals 24/7.

To learn more about the impact the service can have, listen to Jaroslava, Vanessa and Ying’s stories. All of the accounts are from women who are now safe and moving forward with their lives.  (Note that some details have been changed and we’ve asked the TARA team members to read out the accounts to protect the identities of the women involved.)

To get in touch with the TARA Service please call (0141) 276 7724 (24/7) or email: (only checked during office hours)

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