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The Glasgow Alcohol and Drug Partnership [ADP] identifies public drug injecting and the problems it causes as a major challenge. Specifically, discarded injecting equipment and a more open injecting scene are considered key concerns alongside the health and social needs of these individuals.

The issue of public injecting is not a new phenomenon in Glasgow City centre; a report commissioned by the Drug Death Group back in 2009 identified this as a significant problem. The types of public places used were found to be “public toilets, stairwells and closes, back streets and alleys, bus and railway stations, waste ground and derelict buildings”.

Along with partners in the ADP, CSG is piloting a harm-reduction outreach service within the City Centre to engage people who inject substances in public places. The pilot offers an IEP (Injecting Equipment Provision) service as a method of engagement to allow a better understanding of the issues facing this group and whether they engage with support services.

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