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Early & Effective Intervention FAQ’s

  • What is Early and Effective Intervention (EEI)?
    Early & Effective intervention is a process for children and young people (aged 8-17 years) ) who have become involved in offending behaviour. It diverts them from the Scottish Childrens Reporter Administration (SCRA) and finds the most appropriate intervention to improve outcomes for children and young people whilst reducing the likelihood of them reoffending.
  • Why have I/Why has my child been referred to EEI?
    Once formal charges have been raised against a child or young person the arresting officer has chosen, through some information gathering to divert the child from more formal measures by referring them to the EEI coordinator, who will consider the most appropriate type of intervention to help.
  • What happens now?
    The EEI coordinator will share information with services such as Education, Social Work and the Police to help make a decision about what the best course of action is. The coordinator is guided by the GIRFEC Getting It Right for Every Child framework and UNCRC United Nations Convention for the Rights of the Child. If there’s a need for further information, your child may be discussed at a multi-agency case meeting.  At this meeting, people come together to agree a proportionate & appropriate outcome.
  • I am the person harmed by an offence why have I been contacted? ?
    The EEI coordinator has a duty to inform all parties affected by an offence of the process taking place. You may be contacted if the young person agrees to participate in Restorative Justice however your this will only ever go ahead with your full consent and we’d provide you with all the information you need to help you make a decision about this.
  • Who might contact me?
    You will be contacted by letter prior to any contact by agencies linked to EEI Then, you may be contacted by one of the following agencies once you child’s case has been screened, discussed and an intervention put in place.
    – Social work
    – Community Safety Glasgow
    – Health Improvement
    – Glasgow life
    – Education
    – Barnardo’s youth involvement
    – Move on mentoring.

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