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Claire’s story


(Note that this story is based on a real case, but the name and some of the details have been changed and the photograph is posed by models).

Claire was 15 years old when she was referred to Early and Effective Intervention (EEI) after being charged with street drinking.

Following her referral, the EEI process looked at Claire’s individual situation and a multi-agency meeting took place to assess her situation as a whole, with all the information about any risks and concerns for Claire taken into consideration.

It was found that Claire needed support for her low moods, which were caused by bullying and her worries about how she was doing at school. From looking at all the information, it was clear that this was causing her alcohol misuse.

Being referred to EEI allowed Claire access to support services in her community that she could use as required. No statutory social work intervention was required. Instead, additional careers and in-school support were given, alongside support for her alcohol misuse. This helped Claire strengthen her resilience, preventing further offences and helping to ensure her wellbeing.

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