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The Environmental Task Force (ETF) is a City Council-led initiative to clean up Glasgow and make it a cleaner place for people to work, for children to play and for everyone to visit.

CSG’s Neighbourhood Improvement and Enforcement Service (NIES) is central to delivering the ETF initiative at a local level.

NIES works with individuals, residents’ groups, schools and businesses, educating and encouraging them to take an active role in addressing local neighbourhood environmental issues.

From community clean-ups to open space enhancement, the service supports activities that, besides improving the environment, can help to reduce antisocial behaviour.

Our NIES Officers regularly visit schools and community groups around the city to talk about keeping Glasgow clean, as well as provide equipment and support for clean-ups.

The service also runs a Neighbourhood Improvement Volunteer (NIV) programme for groups and individuals interested in improving their local environment. Just follow the link above to find out more.

If you’re interested in inviting NIES to your school, business or community group, or if you’d like to become a NIV, please get in contact. Give us a call 0141 276 7400 between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Dog fouling is a major concern for Glasgow’s residents and NIES provides support to the Clean Glasgow Dog Fouling Campaign by issuing retrospective Dog Fouling Fixed Penalty Notices.

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