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Privacy Notice – Community Payback – Request for Service

Privacy Notice – Community Payback

Community Payback provides an alternative to a custodial sentence, offering offenders the chance to make amends for their offences by doing unpaid work to benefit communities.

Community Safety Glasgow works in partnership with the Criminal Justice Social Work Services of Glasgow City Council to deliver the unpaid work requirement of Community Payback Orders.

That unpaid work might involve cleaning, maintaining and enhancing areas of Glasgow as part of the Clean Glasgow initiative. It might involve cleaning and painting sites and community facilities across the city. Or it might be building products such as planters, benches or tables, using recycled wood, for the benefit of communities around our city.

On completing their Community Payback Orders, offenders are provided with vocational training at our Meiklewood training facility and employability advice is available.

There’s also an opportunity to volunteer for up to six months in meaningful roles through Recreate, another of our services that works to improve our community. This can all help ex-offenders gain new skills and give direction going forward.

Download the Community Payback Nomination Form.

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