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Partnership Intelligence Unit

Community Safety Glasgow is a partnership between Police Scotland and Glasgow City Council which aims to prevent crime, tackle antisocial behaviour and promote community safety within Greater Glasgow Division.

This unique multi-agency approach has been developed to help tackle antisocial behaviour in our communities. It also seeks to provide public reassurance through services focused on improving community safety, reducing offending behaviour, reducing environmental incivility, and supporting victims of gender-based violence.

Our approach relies on intelligence, which is provided by the partnership intelligence unit. This unit is made up of CSG staff, analysts and police officers. The unit collates, assesses and distributes community intelligence from across all 21 Multi-Member Wards (Glasgow’s communities).

The unit shares information on vandalism, gangs, weapons, prostitution, domestic abuse, dog fouling, graffiti, noise and litter from across the wards. They also identify emerging trends relating to victims, offenders and problem locations.

This information allows CSG, the police and other partners to focus and coordinate our priorities and allows us to respond quickly to issues.

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