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What makes a Nitezone different from a regular taxi rank? NiteZones are customised with additional lighting and always within the sight of Public Space CCTV to help promote safety and help people get home safely after a night of socialising. Each rank has two ‘Homesafe Marshals’ who manage the queue and people in it, and two of the ranks also have Glasgow Taxi (TOA) Marshals.

The NiteZone ranks operate Friday and Saturday nights between 11pm and 4am.

Homesafe Marshals at each NiteZone, help to manage a safe environment for anyone waiting on a taxi. They are responsible for keeping the queue orderly, making sure it moves quickly and for assisting people into their taxi, notifying the driver of the destination. They also carry radio’s that enable them to get assistance from the police and public space CCTV operators if a problem arises.

Homesafe Marshals also look out for vulnerable people to make sure they get straight home by a licensed/radio taxi. They connect with partners such as the Street Pastors Service and SOS Bus to help vulnerable people who need assistance and sometimes have to arrabnge a taxi to take someone on board as a priority.

Only licensed vehicles can present at the rank and Glasgow Taxis also provide a Marshal who is in constant contact with their central control to ensure taxis service the rank as a priority.

There are four NiteZones in the city centre and one on Byres Road, in the West End. You can find them at:

  • Gordon St – opposite Glasgow Central
  • Sauchiehall St – outside The Garage nightclub
  • Albion St – opposite Merchant Square
  • Byres Rd – at the entrance of Ashton Lane

During the festive season additional NiteZones are also set up in Shawlands and extra locations in the city centre.

The NiteZones are supported by Police Scotland who have approximately 150 officers in the city centre at weekend evenings as part of the City City Centre Policing plan. They’re also supported by the Night Digital Radio Network, this makes sure that there is live communication with the Glasgow Operations Centre that operates the Public Space CCTV that covers each of the NiteZones.

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