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Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC)

The Alarm Receiving Centre was established in 1998 to provide monitoring services for Glasgow City Council‘s portfolio of properties. Since then our business has grown to provide monitoring services UK-wide.

We use the latest technology to monitor, receive and respond to all types of alarm activations providing tailored alarm monitoring solutions for installers and customers.
The ARC’s services include monitoring of property alarms, lone worker alarms, electronic tagging, CCTV on alarm, access control and remote set/unset.

We also operate a False Alarm Policy, filtering out thousands of false alarms and minimising the number of calls passed to the emergency services. This leaves the Police and Fire Service free to deal with genuine calls.

During 2014 the ARC dealt with in excess of 30,000 alarm activations, took 50,000 calls, responded to 98% of intruder alarms within 90 seconds and 98% of fire alarms within 30 seconds.

Interested in finding out more? Read about each of the services our ARC provides, or call 0141 559 5550.

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