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Our Board of Directors


Our Board of Directors

The CSG Board of Directors comprises of three Partner directors appointed by Glasgow City Council and  two Partner Directors appointed by the Scottish Police Authority. A further six Independent Directors have been appointed by a Nominations Committee on the basis that they have special skills or experience that are of assistance to the Board. The Board is completed by the Executive Director of Community Safety Glasgow. All members must operate under the terms of Community Safety Glasgow’s Articles of Association and The Companies Act (2006).

The Directors meet six times per year during the period between Annual General Meetings. The Board of Directors have a duty to scrutinise and monitor the performance of CSG in relation to the Strategic Priorities, performance targets and statutory compliance.  The Board of Directors shall also be responsible for approving strategic policies.

Community Safety Glasgow reports to a board of directors. Our board members are:
Partner Directors | Representing
Cllr. Franny Scally | Glasgow City Council
Cllr. James Coleman | Glasgow City Council
Cllr. Graham Campbell | Glasgow City Council
Chief Superintendent Brian McInulty | Scottish Police Authority

Independent Directors
George McGrandles
Sandra Fox
Pamela Richardson
Mike Nellis
Alan Benson

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