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Mission Statement

Our Mission, in partnership with stakeholders and citizens, is: To promote, deliver and support services to improve the safety and wellbeing of all citizens and help ensure that Glasgow continues to develop as a safe, healthy, working, learning and thriving city for all citizens. This mission will be achieved through the following strategic priorities:

1. Improving Community Safety
CSG has a range of services including Public Space CCTV, City Centre Response Team, Noise Team, Hate Crime Reporting, Community Relations Unit and Community Enforcement officers all of whose remit is to provide community safety assurance to the citizens of Glasgow and where appropriate issue enforcement measures which will deter future antisocial behaviour. CSG working in partnership with other agencies, actively engage with communities in tackling alcohol and drug related issues.

2. Reducing Offending and Antisocial Behaviour across Glasgow
To tackle antisocial behaviour, CSG engage with those who have offended or with those who have been identified as at a high risk of offending. Using the CSG offender management system CSG identify young people aged 16-25 who are involved in persistent offending and antisocial behaviour. The aim is to achieve a reduction in offending (volume and seriousness), a reduction in prosecutions and an increase in positive destinations for young people. CSG work with individuals to encourage them to address the causes of their offending behaviour. Additional support is provided to improve employability skills and ultimately support individuals into employment, education or training.

3. Reducing Environmental Incivility
CSG reduces environmental incivility by utilising a variety of methods, tactics and disposals including enforcement, community engagement, education and prevention services. Key measures for the successful achievement of this priority include the issuing of environmental fixed penalty notices, school, business and community cleanups and the removal of graffiti.

4. Supporting Victims of Gender Based Violence
CSG’s domestic abuse service; ASSIST, the Specialist Domestic Abuse Independent Advocacy Service operates every day of the year across Strathclyde to ensure that victims of domestic abuse are better informed about the risks they face and to be safer as a result. Police Scotland’s Domestic Abuse Task Force is co-located with ASSIST within CSG’s headquarters. This co-location provides an integrated response comprising of the appropriate targeting of perpetrators conjoined with enhanced support for victims.

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