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Subject Access Request


Subject Access Request

What is a Subject Access Request?

Under the Data Protection Act 1998, you have a right to access data relevant to you. If you wish to access data about someone else then you shall require their written consent, which you must make available to us. You may be committing an offence to seek data about other individuals without their consent.

You are not required to state WHY you wish to access the information: the details we require are merely those that will aid the efficient location and retrieval of information.

To request access to personal information, an individual must:

  • make the request in writing
  • supply information to prove who they are to eliminate risk of unauthorised disclosure
  • supply appropriate information to help us locate the required information
  • pay the fee of £10 to process the request

Data Protection requests to CSG are processed by Glasgow City Council’s Freedom of Information (FOI) / Data Protection (DP) Team.   You can make a data protection request in the following ways:

  • By emailing: GCCALEO_FOI/
  • By posting your request to: CSG, c/o Glasgow City Council, FOI / DP Team, Room 3-13, 40 John Street, Glasgow, G11 JL

CSG has a Subject Access Request form which can be used to make a request for personal data. The form is provided as way of assistance to help you detail the information you are looking to access, and to help CSG process the search for the information requested.

If you wish to use our SARS form, you can download it here:

Download our Subject Access Request Form

You do not need to complete the form but you do need to ensure that you provide your request in writing (letter, email or via social media) and provide as much information as you can to help us locate the information you are looking for.

The request should include details and provide evidence of who you are (e.g. driving licence, passport, birth certificate).

You should also provide as much detail as possible regarding the information you wish to access (e.g. where and by whom information is believed to be held, specific details of information required). 

Upon receipt of a request, we will provide:

  • information on whether or not the personal data is held or processed by CSG
  • a description of the data, purposes and recipients or a copy of the data
  • an explanation of any codes or jargon contained within the data.

We also require a payment of £10.00 to process the Subject Access Request. The £10.00 is the administrative fee for conducting a search of our systems and records for all Subject Access Requests and can be paid by bank transfer using the following details:

Royal Bank of Scotland
Sort Code: 83-44-00
Account No: 10810145
Quoting reference: DP xxx – your surname

Alternatively, you can pay by cheque or postal order made payable to ‘Community Safety Glasgow’ and post or deliver it to the address given below.

Once you’ve written your request or filled in the request form, please send it to the Glasgow City Council FOI / DP Team at;

Postal address: CSG, C/o GCC FOI /DP Team, Room 3.13, 40 John Street, Glasgow, G1 1JL
Email address: GCCALEO_FOI/
Facebook: CommSafetyGlasgow
Twitter:  @CommSafetyGlasgow

If you wish to speak to our Data Protection Team for advice or information, please call 0141-276-7646

Once all of the necessary information and fee is received, CSG will respond to your request within 40 calendar days.

You will also receive an explanation for any information that cannot be provided.

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