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Priority Planning


Priority Planning

The Right Service in The Right place, at the Right Time

Community Safety Glasgow endeavours to plan and deliver its services effectively and efficiently by putting the right planning tools in place to address our 4 strategic priorities across the 21 multimember wards.

• Creation of a Priority Planning framework where resources are distributed
proportionally across Glasgow
• Deliver a Ward Profile using data available for all Wards
• Intelligence led deployment and effective coordination of CSG and partners resources
• Local service delivery and partnership working focused in areas with greatest concerns
• Performance Framework that assesses activity/action impact in all Wards

Priority Planning Process

The Priority Planning process brings together 3 elements of our business, the analytical Unit, Area Services and the Performance Unit, to look at demand for our services, allowing us to plan and then deliver the right service, in the right place at the right time.

Priority Planning

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